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Frequently Asked Questions:

1- Where can I see current user agreement: Click here to see our user agreement.

2- Where can I see your privacy statement: Click here to see our privacy statement. Our privacy statement is a part of our user agreement. We encourage you to see entire user agreement.

3- How can I terminate my profile on CourseFarm : You should login into your account and then you will be able to terminate your profile by clicking on "Edit Profile" on main menu.

4- How can I obtain my login information if I have forgotten them : You can use "Password Reminder" feature under login section to obtain your login information. Your information will be sent to the email address used to register the profile.

5 - Can I use my phone number, email address or street address on my public profile: No. We do not allow such information on public profiles as it is a great risk for your privacy. Please see our privacy statement and user agreement for more information.

6- How can I unsubscribe from message notifications: Message notifications are sent to you to inform you that you have received a message from one of our members. You can unsubscribe from message notifications by clicking on the link provided under the message notification sent to your email box. Please pay attention that this will not terminate your profile on our website. If you want to terminate your profile on our site see item 3 here.

7- How if I have a question not answered here: Just send us your question and we will answer it. Please allow some time for us to respond your email. Also please read our user agreement and this FAQ before sending your request. We will not answer questions already answered on this FAQ or user agreement.

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