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Programming in C E-Learning Course
Programming in C E-Learning Course will give you required knowledge to write programs in C language. This course is suitable for people new to programming and will prepare you to work as a beginner programmer or you can continue with more advanced programming courses and books. Prerequisite to this course is general knowledge on computer operations like editing text files, running commands on the command line etc.

You will use our e-learning virtual campus for this course. In this environment you will have access to course material and exercises. After submitting answers to exercises, your private tutor will correct and respond to them. If you have a question, you can ask it from your tutor in the e-learning environment.

You need to achieve 70% score of the exercises to be able to get the certificate of this course. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a URL which points to your online certificate. You can give the URL to anyone you want or you can put a link to your certificate on your website. You can choose to include the score you have obtained for the course in your certificate. (Sample certificate)

Our private tutors have a minimum degree of Master of Computer Science or IT. This will assure you that the tutors have enough knowledge and expertise to answer your questions.

E-Learning Version:
Access to E-Learning Platform
E-Book included
Personal Tutor
Exercise Correction
Online Certificate
$39 for each E-Learning Course

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Subject No. of  Lessons
Variables - Data Types 1 Lesson
Character I/O - Arrays - Strings 1 Lesson
while and for loops 1 Lesson
complex loops, if 1 Lesson
switch, continue, break,... 1 Lesson
Functions 2 Lessons
Pointers and Arrays 2 Lessons
Strings and String functions 1 Lesson
File I/O 2 Lessons
Storage Classs 1 Lesson
Structures and Pointers to structures 1 Lesson
Memory Management 1 Lesson
Total 15 Lessons

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