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These are a few of the testimonials we have received for our course materials :

* dark_hole on 21-May-2007 (on our free version of HTML Web Ebook) : This is a thorough guilde to beginner web design. It should help the beginners a lot, but when I downloaded it I thought that it was going to be for experienced users to enhance their page, but I ended up knowing all of what they teach. So rock on! Guys! We expect to see many great web pages in the future!

* alp1974 on 20-Jun-2006 (on our free version of HTML Web Ebook) : Firstly, it explains why HTML should be preferred to ready made programmes, Secondly, its' presentation is good and finally you feel that you are learning from scratch without missing the logic of HTML. I have already halved it. Perfect.

* Jay on 25-Feb-2004 (on our free version of HTML Web Ebook) : Very good Tutorial. By using cheater programs for web design for over 10 years, learning HTML code was made very easy with this. Almost like being in grade school again.

* shelbydodge on 14-Mar-2003 (on our free version of HTML Web Ebook) : Extremely helpful! Get your web pages the way you want them! Quit fussing with endlessly frustrating programs that often don't do quite what you want and do it yourself. Once unzipped (otherwise you get an error message about corrupt files), this is an excellent and easy to follow tutorial. Thanks to the makers of this!

* paddy101 on 27-Aug-2002 (on our free version of HTML Web Ebook) : So simple! This is the best tutorial since I left school. I have created some really professional looking web pages with this and it really would be my first recommendation to anyone thinking about designing their own website.

* Sam on 21-Aug-2002 (on our free version of HTML Web Ebook) : EXTREMELY EASY TO USE. i am an 11 year old boy, and even i could understand every thing it said. It is very easy to use.

* Anonymous on 22-Dec-2001 (on our free version of HTML Web Ebook) : A very good book for beginners. I used this to teach myself HTML by carrying out all of the exercises. I managed to learn the basics in a day.

* Vinayak Jagannath Wad on 29-Oct-2001 (on our free version of HTML Web Ebook) : Great E-Book for Learning Web Designing. This ebook is great. I took 14 days to learn it that's because I used to read it very slowly. The language used is really easy to understand. I think you should definitely download this book. There are appropriate examples given to make it more effective. Hats Off to the creater. Take a bow.

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