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E-Learning Courses
How it works: Learnem online courses are developed for delivery over the internet. Student receives lesson text in the form of an Ebook or through our virtual e-Learning campus. To make it possible to learn lessons without attending a class, tutorials are written in an easy to understand language. Each lesson contains worked examples and exercises. After studying the lesson, student will work on exercises and submit the answers to his/her tutor using the e-learning platform. Tutor will correct exercises and return corrected exercises to student. In addition tutor will answer student questions about the lesson. Students will receive a username and password to login to the platform.

Certification: Teacher will assign a score between 0-100 to student exercises. Average of scores will determine the final result of the student. The course certification will be available on this website. Upon completion of the course certificate will be accessible on the website. You can refer people to website to see your profile. However profiles are password protected. You can give the public password of your profile to anyone you want. The course certificate normally contains the average score achieved during the course.

Current available e-learning courses are described below.

Web Development Courses
Web related course are designed to give you required knowledge to start working in web design and programming industry. By covering courses in this series, you will have enough knowledge to design and manage your own website.

Web course includes these courses:

Web Design Course

Please see related pages for more information.

Programming Courses
Learne'em Programming courses are designed to give you the knowledge to start a starting level programming job. Currently C Programming course is the only available course in this series but Java programming course will start soon.

You can learn to program in C in a few weeks from now. This course will help you to become a starting level C programmer. In addition to using this language for your programming career you will be able to learn other programming languages more easier.

C Programming Course

Please see related pages for more information.

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